Roger Summerton, Ken Hair and Marie Brown all travelled to Yeoman Park school on 21st October as part of the 40th anniversary of the Lord’s Taverners minibus donations. Since 1976 over 1,110 minibuses have been donated and to celebrate this we are hoping to give away 40 in 2016.

Yeoman’s School worked very hard to raise over £17,000 towards the cost of the bus and the staff and pupils were absolutely delighted to have the official handover this month.

Ken Hair, a member of the East Midlands Lord’s Taverners committee said ‘The children and staff were very welcoming and so excited to receive the new Lord’s Taverners Minibus.
It was a delight for myself and my fellow Lord’s Taverners members to see where the money we raise goes along with the affect and improvements it makes to the lives of the children attending the school. I have been involved with the Lord’s Taverners for a relatively short period assisting with the fundraising and public awareness programmes. This was a deeply moving opportunity to witness for the first time, the results of the hard work we all put in each month and at each event. It was an absolute pleasure.’

Jane Cooper, Headteacher conducted a tour of the school and introduced the committee to many of the children, some of who had severe disabilities and complex learning needs more tips here.

Marie Brown, Regional Development Executive for the Lord’s Taverners in the Midlands said ‘I really didn’t realise just how complex the teaching world is when multiple disabilities, complex communication challenges, and physical motor needs have to be accounted for. Every single child in the school has a considered, complex set of needs but in turn a driven, managed, targeted plan of development designed specifically to ensure that they each fulfil their potential and have lots of fun along the way. The staff team were incredibly passionate and championed positive outcomes. It was a true science that again makes us realise that teachers deserve our admiration and respect. If we can help in some small way by giving a minibus to allow them to access activities, sports and social events then we are honoured to do what we can’